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Thematic axes of the 9th Conference of the Greek Society for Music Education

- Identities and diversities in music and music education

- Musical experiences in schools, conservatories and communities

- Pluralism and hierarchy of values in music education

- Music education in everyday life

- Music education and dominant culture

- Issues of representations and ideologies in music education (race, gender, language, class, culture, etc.)

- Music against school bullying

- Music Education and Critical Pedagogy

- Musical experiences, lifelong learning and well-being

- New literacies (digital, multimodal, e-information)

- Ideologies and socio-political values in music curricula

- Educational policies for music education

- Pedagogy of popular music

-The hidden curriculum in school and conservatory (implicit values, musical hegemonic discourse)

- New musical-technological experiences

- Digital music communities and virtual ensembles

- Teachers training

- Music education in special and inclusive education

- History of music education in Greece

- Music education, social justice and human rights

- Music teaching and learning in formal, non-formal and informal settings

- Multimodal actions in music education

- Multi-arts performances in schools, conservatories and communities

- Instrumental and Ensemble Teaching: philosophy, methodologies and good practices

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