420169896 878263280967543 1364398364226817433 nThe Greek Society for Music Education is preparing a special volume dedicated to the music pedagogical work of Maria Lewander-Androutsos. We invite all those who were associated and collaborated with her, on a friendly, student and professional level, to share their thoughts and memories of Maria in the following form: https://forms.gle/zADZ3ZksU6SLakVT8
Thank you so much for your trust.
Maria's friends and colleagues.



We are pleased to officially announce the publication of a new book from Greek Society for Music Education editions.


From kindergarten to early adulthood – Findings from a longitudinal study: What factors most influence student academic trajectory?


Author: May Kokkidou (MEd, PhD, post-PhD)

ISBN:  978-960-89847-8-3


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