Registration of new members and renewals for the year 2015

Students: registration 20 euro and renewal 10 euro

( only postgraduate students)

Members: registration 25 euro and renewal 20 euro until 28 February. After 1st March renewal 25 euro.

Unemployed members renewal for 2015 is 10 euro.


Ways of payment :

(α) postal check


Ermou str. 7, 54625, Thessaloniki

tel. 2310858658, 6939560404

(β) National Bank of Greece deposit account


IBAN: GR06 0110 2230 0000 2234 8020 557

Account No: 223/480205-57

with indication of the sender's surname.


For changes of contact information (Address, tel., etc.) please communicate :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.