Kokkidou, M. (2017). From Kindergarten to early childhood. Thessaloniki: Greek Society for Music Education

It is our pleasure and honor to host in our editions this lifework of research of May Kokkidou, a longitudinal research study with children from the age of kindergarten to adulthood.

May Kokkidou has been a very valuable member of the Greek Society for the Music Education (GSME), since its constitution, in 1997. She served as president of the GSME (2007-2012) and, in collaboration with Costas Tsougras and Zoe Dionyssiou, she was co-editor of the scientific journal of GSME, Musical Pedagogics, the last six years (2012- 2017). Additionally, she has been member of the Scientific Committee of GSME‘s Conferences, and co-president, with Zoe Dionyssiou, of the Scientific Committee of the 6th Conference (Athens, 2009) and 7th Conference (Thessaloniki, 2015) of the GSME.

May Kokkidou was born in Thessaloniki. She is a music education specialist and researcher and she has published numerous essays both in national and international journals and conference proceedings. She is author of three books and of the monograph ―European Music Curricula: Philosophical Orientations, Trends, and Comparative Validation‖ (GSME editions, 2009), and co-author of four book on Aesthetic Education. She taught as adjunct lecturer in the Post-Graduate Programs ―Semiotics and Communication‖ (University of Western Macedonia) and ―Didactics of Music‖ (University of Macedonia). Today she teaches as adjunct lecturer in the Post-Graduate Program in ―Music Pedagogy‖ (European University Cyprus). Her recent work focuses on the areas of the semiotics of music, the musical identities, the philosophy of music education, and the multi-modal music perception.

We are confident that this work will be a most rewarding and valuable text for all kind of readers, researchers in education, educators, students and parents!

For the GSME board (2016-2018)

Sophia Aggelidou (President) and Dimitra Koniari (Secretary)